The Installation Guide will help you through the install process. The release includes two installation files as the PocketPC mobile device image is in a separate zip file from the main AutoEdge installation executable.

Some features have additional instructions to complete the installation and configuration. Refer to the Installation Guide for details.

The installation process will:

  • Add a program group to your Start Menu
  • Configure the services and deployment environment

Required software: OpenEdge® 10.1A01 or higher OpenEdge Architect minimum, works with 10.1B and 10.1C

Optional software:

For WebSpeed® consumer interface Microsoft Internet Information Services v5.0 or higher, configured for WebSpeed
For .NET? consumer interface Microsoft .NET Framework V1.1
For Integration features Sonic Workbench 7.0
For Enterprise Reporting in the OpenEdge GUI - Crystal Reports XI viewer
- Microsoft .NET Framework V1.1
For Pocket PC Mobile Device interface

- Java Servlet Engine (i.e. ServletExec)

- Pocket PC device or Mobile Device Emulator

- Microsoft ActiveSync

Download Crystal Reports 10 RDC Deployments available from Business Objects web site at or install a customized report viewer.

The AutoEdge release has two installation files:

1. AutoEdge executable installs and configures the following components:

  • Business Logic
  • Office application
  • Web Consumer interface
  • .NET Winforms Consumer interface
  • Web Services producer interface
  • A2A Integration
  • B2B Integration

All of the functionality will be installed. Defaults for services and ports will be shown to you during the installation process. What you can run depends on the software you have installed and configured at the time.

2. Optional Pocket PC Mobile Device image

This separate installation file contains the .NET CF interface image and the device emulator software. You need to install these if you do not have a Pocket PC device. Extract the .dess file into <install-dir>\autoedge\src\netcf directory. Refer to the <install-dir>\doc\installation tasks\AutoEdge Windows Mobile Installation and Usage.doc for further instructions.

For those of you who do not have OpenEdge 10.1 installed

For those of you who wish to review the source code but do not have OpenEdge 10.1 installed, you have a couple of options:

First, OpenEdge 10.1B is available for evaluation via the OpenEdge Evaluation Kit. Go to the Download Center to download the current 10.1 release.

If you only wish to look at source code and not run any of the programs, a zip file is available. The zip file contains all the source code and documentation.

Comments / Enhancements

If you would like more information or want to chat about a feature within AutoEdge, please use the Comment feature at the bottom of the page or post a comment in the OpenEdge Reference Architecture forum/discussion.

Download Setup File

Download PocketPC Install Zip File

AutoEdge v1.2.2 Installation Notes

Crystal Report Viewer