Use the Guided Tour to learn about the features within AutoEdge. The Tour includes a Getting Started Guide and a recording.You will have three roles as you experience some key features of AutoEdge.

AutoEdge is a fictitious automobile dealer company with two dealerships. Information from each dealer is shared with a central headquarters system. The application contains a number of typical business functions including but not limited to:

  • B2C - Website and kiosk to attract prospects
  • A2A - Integration between HQ and distributed dealerships
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Enterprise Reporting

The recording is made with Camtasia Studio. The video content presented here requires JavaScript to be enabled in your web browser and the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player.

Tour Details

You will have three roles as you experience some key features of AutoEdge. AutoEdge has two dealers, Stiller Motors Inc. (Dealer 1) and Roth Brothers Corp. (Dealer 2), along with its headquarters, AutoEdge HQ.

First role: Car Buyer.
You are an ordinary person researching cars to buy.You have found this great website that lets you browse inventory and even schedule test drives online. Or you may be visiting one of the AutoEdge dealerships and noticed that they have an on-line Kiosk that gives you the same functionality without talking to a car salesman.One way or another, AutoEdge lets you pick the cars you want to see and when you want to drive them.
Your name is Jane Smith and your AutoEdge account is and password is password.

Second role: Dealership Manager.
Once a potential car buyer (you) has scheduled test drives, the manager of a dealership in the AutoEdge Group needs to assign a sales rep to you for all the test drives scheduled. At this point in the test drive your role changes. You will be Mike North, the manager of Stiller Motors Inc.

Third role: Sales Rep.
As sales rep for Stiller Motors Inc., you need to know when your customers are coming to the dealership for test drives and to keep your customer information up-to-date. You can also approve test drives.

If you are not using Internet Explorer

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Comments / Enhancements

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