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Mashup Example using AutoEdge

At Exchange 2007, a session entitled "Mashup Basics" was presented. In that session, we demonstrated the ability to add value to an OpenEdge application by 'mashing up' content from other sources. The examples we used were aggregated RSS feeds from Yahoo Pipes and a Google Map.

As many people are familiar with the OERA reference application (AutoEdge), we used it as the vehicle per se to demonstrate this capability.

Attached is a zip file with the modified code and instructions on how to implement this demo enhancement into your version of AutoEdge.

  • I've followed the instructions in the text file (added details to the propath, restarted webspeed).  I can't see any difference when I run the Web interface.  Do I need to use a different URL from the standard one or am I doing something wrong?Gary

  • Hi GaryDid you check out the Exchange PPT to see if what you're seeing screen wise matches what's in the presentation?Mike