AutoEdge 2.0 builds upon the initial release of AutoEdge and introduces the OpenEdge User Interface for .NET and the OpenEdge Ultra Controls for .NET. AutoEdge 2.0 is complemented by the AutoEdge|TheFactory sample application, which can be found in its own community wiki page any new development on the AutoEdge "story" will take place in AutoEdge|TheFactory, as opposed to here.

The attached code should give you a hint of the types of things you can easily achieve with OpenEdge 10.2. Currently there is no new documentation, this will be completed for FCS.

A version of AutoEdge  (v2.0.4) updated for OpenEdge 10.2B is attached to this document.


Small bugfix for AppServer connection from .NET WinForms code.


Include OpenEdge 10.2A WebSpeed includes into escript 'nugget' code.