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In this community you will find whitepapers, technical documents, sample code and discussions that outline architectural and design elements to help you better understand the technical requirements for designing, building and deploying OpenEdge applications.

OpenEdge Reference Architecture (OERA)

 The OpenEdge Reference Architecture (OERA) serves as a blueprint and set of guidelines for designing, developing and deploying an application that applies technology to business and technical challenges. The purpose of the OERA therefore is to provide a roadmap to the best practices for architecting competitive, modern applications. As with any roadmap, the OERA allows decisions to be made within each layer of the model.

OpenEdge Reference Architecture Recent Content

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SaaS & Cloud Computing

The software industry is in a critical state of change. The ubiquity of the Web and Internet now enables companies of every size to take full advantage of the power, simplicity and flexibility of services based business computing.  What has been called 'hosting' or 'outsourcing' of applications has now evolved in today's 'Software As A Service' (SaaS) and Cloud Computing and represents a market place that is growing at exponential rates.


Today, many companies are choosing to move their applications from Host and Client/Server based architectures to a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in order to reap the benefits associated with the highly efficient Cloud Computing based methods of software delivery.