Welcome to AutoEdge|TheFactory, the next evolution of the OpenEdge Sample application AutoEdge.

AutoEdge|TheFactory is an extension of the use cases illustrated by the AutoEdge Dealer module (tour, details, guide, zip).  Where AutoEdge is based upon the business functions of an automobile dealer, AutoEdge|TheFactory is based upon the business functions of an automobile manufacturer supplying vehicles to dealers.


See the AutoEdge|TheFactory: Getting Started guide to get up and running. Or jump right in and install the latest version, v1.0.10: AutoEdgeTheFactorySetup-1.0.10.zip

The Story

AutoEdge|TheFactory is a multi-tenant application that allows automobile manufacturers to maintain an inventory of vehicles available for shipment to dealers. It provides an ability for dealers to check the manufacturers stock for a particular vehicle as well as place a build order with the manufacturer if the specified vehicle is not available.


AutoEdge|TheFactory also offers a browser based portal through which end customers can check the status of an existing order or design a custom vehicle for order.

The full business process overview can be found here.

The Project

The purpose of this project is to demonstrate the capabilities of the current direction and initiatives of OpenEdge with regard to the delivery of SaaS-based applications. AutoEdge|TheFactory provides examples around best practices for OpenEdge SaaS application development.

It demonstrates multi-tenancy with factory's functioning as tenants of the application.  Factory's can gain access to the application in order to execute specific functions of their business, but the application has a single codebase to support all factories.

It provides examples of security and compliance, keeping each factory's data secure and separate from other factory's, and assuring that a representative from a factory can only access data for that factory.

It demonstrates user interface flexibility through the development of different interface types for different types of users (dealer representatives and customers), and personalization by allowing the personalization of the interface for each factory that uses the application.

The Architecture

The architectural model for AutoEdge|TheFactory is the OpenEdge Reference Architecture In order to support the application, a number of class based reference components have been created.  To learn more about the reference components select the appropriate area of the OERA image below.



The application also uses some more generalized support code


The Code

AutoEdge|TheFactory is developed utilizing the Object Oriented extensions to the ABL in OpenEdge 10.2B.  In addition to OpenEdge 10.2B, you will also require Savvion 7.6 in order to run the full business process.  You can however install without Savvion in order to get a closer look at the code.


Selected code highlights

AutoEdge|TheFactory is covered under the Apache 2.0 licence