Note that an version of this sample that has been enhanced to use Easyl is available at the following link: /community_groups/openedge_architecture/w/openedgecloudarcade/2179.integrating-datadirect-cloud-and-progress-easyl-into-openedge-using-the-odbc-bridge-sample-applications.aspx


OpenEdge applications are often deployed alongside other business systems that are responsible for key pieces of the overall business process. In these scenarios it is imperative that OE also connect (or integrate) with these other applications in order to execute the business process. DataDirect Cloud is a tool that facilitates this integration with SaaS applications like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle RightNow, and a number of other sources in the development pipeline. More information about DataDirect Cloud is available here.

The sample ABL shows how you can interact with the DataDirect Cloud (DDC or D2C) server, using a set of OOABL classes. These classes provide a simplified wrapper around a series of DLL calls to the D2C Driver via the ODBC Driver Manager. This simplification is primarily around removing the need to work directly with the ODBC API via memptrs and the like. The classes simplify the calls a consumer of the API must make in order to execute a SQL statement, gather corresponding metaschema and data results. By encapsulating the process, the ABL programmer needs only to formulate a SQL query and designate a target for its results while the classes handle all the handle allocations, state transitions and cleanup.

The API returns the data from the query executed (the result set) as either a JSON Object, or a dynamically-created temp-table. This temp-table is created from the column information of the query. The sample code allows you to connect to any D2C data source, and to query it in any way you see fit.

Setup & environment

Download the attached archive, and create a new project in Progress Developer Studio, via the File > Import > General > Existing Projects into Workspace functionality, and select the downloaded archive. The project is named DataDirectCloud_ABL_API.

There are a number of prerequisite steps in order to access data via the DataDirect Cloud. These steps are detailed in the Integrating_DataDirectCloud_into_OpenEdge_Applications.pdf PDF in the doc folder of the project (and attached to this page). Basically, you will need an account on a Cloud data provider, an account on DataDirect Cloud, and some drivers installed on your local machine.

Running the sample

The project has been set up so that you can run the sample via a Run Configuration called Run D2C Sample. More information about the types of operations supported are in the Integrating_DataDirectCloud_into_OpenEdge_Applications document.

Feedback and comments

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This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE and NOTICE file in the project root for details.

Integrating_DataDirectCloud_into_OpenEdge_Applications (1).pdf