The OpenEdge Reference Architecture defines a way to organize, compose, deploy, and maintain a
complex application build on the OpenEdge platform from Progress Software Corporation.

These new application components complement existing host-based desktop or terminal applications currently built in Progress OpenEdge ABL. The new interfaces often are built to be more „internet friendly‟: accessible from web browsers, or tablet and mobile devices, often targeted at expanding the users of the application to include partners, managers, customers, or new groups of people who previously never directly interacted with the backend systems.The acquisition of Telerik does not change the OpenEdge Reference Architecture, but it does expand the technology and process capabilities that are available to partners and implementation teams from the product portfolio.

Telerik is known for its „beautiful controls‟: components that give your application the sparkle that makes using the applications a pleasure. And this is the primary area where Telerik overlaps with the OpenEdge Reference Architecture: in the Presentation Layer.