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no codegeneration - fully executable model


no codegeneration - fully executable model

  • No code generation, fully executable model, succesfull company. Might be worthwile to do some research and learn.

    "Mendix provides a model runtime environment, which means it does not provide code generation - the model is fully executable."

  • Sure, but the same applies to a Rollbase which also has the same focus in model-lead development where the model is executed.  (And Corticon too, for that matter, but from context, Rollbase matches the use case above).  Mendix is a fine product, but misses the current (not to mention the planned) interoperability with ABL and OpenEdge data and logic.

    The story does show the productivity of an executable model.  

  • Thanks, I have taken a short look at Rollbase, will look at the eval later. It looks (at first sight) less sophisticated than mendix, but   I think psc is on the right track with this product.

  • What was your experience connecting OpenEdge DB and logic to Mendix?  How did that go?

  • I have not tried that. I only know mendix from commercials (youtube) and some webpages. But I'm sure the CTO, Johan de Haan, can answer questions on this, I contacted him in the past. Are you from PSC?

  • Yes.   You can tell progress employees by their badges in Communities.  Look for the big  "P" (though I am sure someone in marketing will see my post and suggest changing to an Orange Spark! ) 

  • My posts around this subject are not especially aimed at psc. The openedge community seems unaware of the possibilities they could get with executable models in openedgeframeworks. Some UI frameworks exist where the UI is created based on data in the db or a runtime repository (DWP / OF-1) but there have been no extensions to businesslogic as far as I know. It would be nice if the OE community became more aware of these possibilities and became informed of developmentprinciples behind rollbase and corticon (that and why they use modelinterpretation and no codegeneration). And that these can be used in OE development too. I tried some merchandising on the peg (too) but seeing the reactions the message is not understood or  (purposely I suspect)  trivialised. Some even suspect corticon to generate code (see the thread on the peg). And meanwhile push their codegenerators. Maybe this is a merchandising job for psc: sell the great ideas behind corticon and rollbase and show how they can be used in OE development.