A few weeks ago we had an issue when rebooting our Arcade server. OEManagment showed "db/appserver/etc. not licensed" for all our entries. Roy suggested that the Admin Server may not have started cleanly because of contention with other processes at reboot. We stopped and started it and the problem went away.

We just had the same issue (rebooted server, OEMgmt shows 'not licensed'). I restarted the Admin Server (both from a command line and from Services) but none of the databases/appservers/etc. will start. For instance, the first database I looked at shows it is running, but when I try to access (just a win-char session) I get "disconnected from server because database name was incorrect". Running 'proadsv -query' shows the AdminServer is alive.

I'm sure you need more info (OE 10.2b on Windows Server Datacenter SP2) but I just wanted to start a dialog.


Cathi Peck

ProStar Software, Inc.