The following new features have been deployed to Arcade.
1.            Four new Amazon EC2 Regions are now supported, namely – Tokyo, Sydney, Oregon and Sao Paulo.
2.            64bit-only amazon machine instances. RightScale ended support for 32bit instances with their latest images.
3.            32bit OE installation is still possible on the new 64bit-only images by selecting “32-bit” OE BITS during server launch.
4.            OE 11.2 is now available under Stage and Test
For more details please refer to the document: This document also contains the details for features deployed earlier. (eg. Security group modificaitons / Add Tags)
The new 64 bit Windows templates have the Windows firewall turned "ON" by default ( which was not the case earlier ). To access OpenEdge Management (port 9090 ) and WebServer (port 8080), users either need to manually add these ports to the Windows firewall exception list or turn the windows firewall off. We’re currently working on a patch to turn OFF the Windows firewall on boot and will soon be releasing it to production.
Please refer to the following links for information on how to turn off the firewall: