Welcome to the new Architecture, SaaS & Cloud Computing community.  As you can probably guess, this community is aimed at helping with all things Architecture.  Covering topics such as the OpenEdge Reference Architecture (OERA), it's design, implementation considerations, code samples, etc.    Equally important is the new trend towards SaaS & Cloud Computing. Did you know that Progress has over 250 partners already delivering SaaS,today?  If you're one of them we'd love to hear from you.  Feel free to share your experiences, good & bad!  After all it generally tends to be that we learn most from the bad!!  And Cloud, what is cloud, does it interest you?  What are Progress thinking in terms of the Cloud.  What are you thinking about with regards to the cloud?  Is it all hype, or are their genuine business & technical benefits?

So there's lots to discuss, lots to get our heads around, but hopefully collectively we can share experiences and ideas that enable the whole community to benefit from these exciting and interesting topics.

So once again, Welcome.

Mike Ormerod

Architect, SaaS & Cloud Computing Strategy

Progress Software