Just a quick note for anyone who's trying AutoEdge on Windows 7.  There are a couple of manual steps you'll need to do in order to get it to function as expected.  Firstly Windows 7 ships with IIS 7 which has a different UI & Management model for IIS.  So the installer when it runs pops up a warning saying it will not automatically create the required Virtual Directories.  This is correct!  So you will have to manually add two virtual directories once the AutoEdge install is complete:

AutoEdge which points to <install-dir>\src\web\static

AutoEdgeDoc which points to <install-dir>\dealer

The other potential issue, which is a webspeed/cgi thing more than an AutoEdge issue, is make sure you have execute permissions set for scripts\cgiip.exe (You may also have to add a \scripts virtual directory).  In IIS 7 the way you add execute permissions is through the 'Handler Mappings' module, In there you will find an entry for cgi which you need to add 'Execute' permissions as well as physically point to the cgiip.exe file.