"Q. OK, how about the OMG's model driven architecture then?

A. MDA is fundamentally broken, too. The idea is that you build in MDA
and then you have a platform independent model - wasn't Java platform
independent anyway? MDA itself is a platform. UML doesn't include even
the most basic libraries that would enable you to write a program that
says 'hello world'. And there is no sign of them [the OMG] putting
them in. UML may be good to help to explain a system, but the idea
that you create the system in UML and then somehow automatically
generate code from those diagrams, just doesn't work.

Those diagrams would need to be able to do everything that a
programming language can do, and they can't. MDA would have to
convince a large chunk of humanity that they should take on this
platform, bring in all the necessary libraries, and make it popular.
That is very, very hard to pull off. So I think MDA itself is
extremely unlikely to come off."