We're planning to operate PASOE with HTTPS and client auth. This is part of our current target setting as we're operating with some others corporate solution not all Progress based and need common solution to secure HTTPS traffic between our various gateway and Progress backend (PASOE).

This is basically working as expected with the exception of some issue with OEE and OEManager. I had to turn OEManager URL to use HTTP rather than HTTPS. I originally though we were missing something in the whole certificate chain what I tried to address but I keep facing issue. I'm now wondering should the OpenEdge Explorer /OEManager full component stack relying on ABL socket (which doesn't support SSL client auth) at some point ?  If this is the case that could explain our issue and I strongly push our community to commit to this improvement request already posted ;-)

If not I'm really wondering what makes OOE OEmanager failure knowing it works perfectely when the client auth is disabled.



OE/PASOE 11.7.