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Ini files in PDS where is the setting


Ini files in PDS where is the setting

This question is not answered


One of my responsibilities is doing the Progress installation and configuration.
For PDS everything is almost automatized or being in config files that just have to been import.

But the ini files that is behind old projects I have to fill in manually in the "Startup parameters".
You should think it would be in a file like .project no it's a ghost.

Somebody has an idea to do this?

Also another questions because I think the person who knows the answer on my previous question will also know this. The default opened perspectives where are they not in the preferences file strange....

Thank you

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  • Are you talking about the Ini file in the Startup tab of the "Progress OpenEdge Application" run configurations? The ini file location is stored in that xml file.

    All launch configurations are stored as xml files in the workspace - <workspace>\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.debug.core\.launches

    So copying those files might work.

    Alternatively you can import/export launch configuration - using File > Export > Run/Debug > Launch Configurations

  • Thank you for the response.

    But the launches are already being installed automatically by the install scripts.
    It's the parameter behind the project you have also an option "startup parameters".


  • These settings are stored in this file -


  • Excuse me for my late response but I didn't find this file I only have:

    - com.openedge.pdt.core.prefs

    - com.openedge.pdt.server.prefs

    - com.openedge.pdt.text.prefs

    The only thing I found but it doesn't behave like I want if I change it:


    There I can find:

    pvm_startup !p:/working/ini/dlc117-64bit.ini