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TTY Server for Windows (SSH)

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Dear all,

What application do you use to create SSH service over MS Windows platform?

There are good free alternatives?

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  • I would use OpenSSH:

  • take a look at MobaXterm. I use it as a replacement for putty but it has ssh server too.

    may be more than you need though.

  • Depends on which version of Windows. If Windows 10 (possibly even the upcoming Windows Server 2016) then Powershell has support for an SSH server (using Posh-SSH I believe), earlier versions of windows you would have to install something like OpenSSH.

  • Thanks everybody. We are using as a TTY server, good enough and "free". But this tool is no longer updated and I don´t know how long it will be available or run on new MS platform.

  • Check out MobaXterm. it has ssh server and client and a variety of other good stuff.