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160 connect/disconnect in 1 minute from DB


160 connect/disconnect in 1 minute from DB

  • I made a change on the main architecture of my system (workgroup db, 15 client networking and 5 appserver clients) and instead of a few connect/disconnect a day, now we got 160 or so, connections to db at 1 minute lapse.  It ranges from 100 to 200 on peak operations time.

    How do you consider this situation?

    Is manageable or is innecesary stress on db?

    Any comment will be appreciated..


  • Moved to DB FORUM post..

  • Not such a good idea.

    Still, if your users are happy, then it doesn’t matter.

  • Connecting and disconnecting is relatively "expensive" from a lot of perspectives.

    But not so bad as it used to be.

    Why did you make this change?  You must have been trying to improve something or trade-off one sort of resource for another.  To tell if the change was "good" or not you should evaluate how well you met your objectives in making the change along with considering whether or not you any unexpected negative impacts came up.

    As Gus says, "if the users are happy"... it probably doesn't matter.  Unless there are more changes coming like lots of additional traffic and you're nervous that today's happy is tomorrow's angry horde.

    Tom Bascom

  • Thanks a LOT you both!!!!!

    Yes, changes where introduced to just see what happened, but another little change to code, and those connections dropped to 40-60 an hour....  users never minded, but now I'm happy!!!!