To do an unattended installation of OEA360.  For windows, do this within a windows command prompt running in Administrator mode.  Change to the directory where the installer files are located and do the following:

1. The following will create a template properties file called containing all properties with default values that need to be set for unattended install:

java -jar installer.jar -options-template   

2. Update the file with the proper values to use for unattended install.  For windows file paths, escape file paths with backslashes with an extra backslash like the following: C:\\OEA360.  Also, replace all instances of the ${INSTALL_PATH} variable with the value used for the property INSTALL_PATH.  For version 3.3, scripts are expecting the installer to create the db data path but does not create this directory during unattended install so the directory for property IZ_DBD will need to be manually created first before next step.  This will be corrected for later versions.

3. To run installation in unattended mode:

java -jar installer.jar -language eng -options