To install, configure, and customize Analytics360, follow the video and documentation path below.

  1. Review this installation video:  Analytics360 installation (and uninstall)
  2. Read the data warehouse document found at this link.  Analytics360 v.3.3 Data Warehouse Reference Guide
  3. Watch this video on the structures used in Analytics360.  Analytics360 Directories and PDI Components
  4. Review this presentation on configuring Analytics360.  Analytics360 ETL Configuration Tables & Maintenance
  5. To understand how to load your data into Analytics360, watch this.  Analytics360 ETL Configuration Tables & Maintenance
  6. If you plan to customize Analytics360 to support additional data points, this recording will guide you through the process.  Analytics360 - Customizing the Data Warehouse
  7. Information on the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your Analytics360 installation can be found in this video. Analytics360 - Monitoring & Troubleshooting