Google does not charge for the use of it’s map.  So we can connect to the Google systems and obtain and render a map construct.

Google does charge for ‘geo-coding’ (this is the process by which we assign a latitude and longitude to an addressable component).  If the customer wants to geo-code using addresses such as 123 Main Street, SomeCity, SS, 00000 then the customer can for no charge:

GEOCODE up to 10 addresses a second and up to 2,500 address free per day from a given IP address. Google does provide an API key that can be leveraged by the OE Analytics360 system to provide geocoding but that will be a cost incurred by the customer as we do not ship any Google API keys with the product. (as of 05/02/2016 per 

We suggest to our customers, as does Google ("Geocoding is a time and resource intensive task. Whenever possible, pre-geocode known addresses (using the Google Maps Geocoding API described here or another geocoding service), and store your results in a temporary cache of your own design." ), that they geocode addresses once and store them it the database associated to the associated addressable record. 

Google does not charge to put push pins on the map.  This means that if we already have the ‘geo-code’ stored in the database (this being the Latitude and Longitude values) then we can use the provided Google Map to put our own plots on.  If we do not have to geo-code the addresses at runtime then it has no cost. 

New customers and other addressable mapping constructs will then be updated at ETL time during the nightly loads.