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Calling Logi BI Server via OpenEdge .w window object

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Analytics360 - Monitoring & Troubleshooting

This video details many of the settings in Analytics360 and how they impact the operation of the product...
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ADVANCED TOPIC: Adding Drill Across Functionality

In this advanced Analytics360 video you will be shown how to add drill across functionality to a chart...
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Adding Drill Down Functionality To A Chart

In this short video you will learn how to add drill down functionality to a chart. The user will be able...
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Adding A Parameter To A Chart

In this video you will be presented with one method of adding a parameter to a chart. Parameters allow...
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Creating An Analysis Grid (Ad-hoc reports/dashboards)

In this video, Damon Benson demonstrates how a developer would create an Analysis Grid to enable self...
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Analysis Grids - From An End User Perspective

In this 5 minute video, Damon Benson demonstrates how an end user would interact with an Analysis Grid...
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Analytics360 Creating a Google Map KPI

The attached video demonstrates how to create a new Google Map based KPI. In addition to the creation...
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Analytics360 v.3.3 Data Warehouse Reference Guide

The attached document provides an overview of the data warehouse and ETL processes used in Analytics360...
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Analytics360 - Customizing the Data Warehouse

We've designed our data warehouse to store commonly used data points. We understand though that every...
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Analytics360 Data Mapping

This video will demonstrate how to load data from an operational data source into the Analytics360 data...
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Analytics360 Directories and PDI Components

In this video, Mike Smith discusses the directories that are created during installation and their purpose...
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Analytics360 ETL Configuration Tables & Maintenance

In this video, Mike Smith walks through the database tables used to support the Analytics360 ETL process...
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Analytics360 installation (and uninstall)

In this video, Mike Smith walks you through a complete installation of Analytics360. An in-depth description...
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OEA360 Logi OE Plugin Reference

A how to about using the AppServer Plugin included with the OEAnalytics360 3.2 release.
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