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I am trying to run demos on the Arcade machine names Analytics360 Demo. I encounter some issues with it.

  1. Some demos give the error: Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError. Any idea how to solve this? Do we need a license for Google maps?
  2. The license is expired. I have a new one but how can I apply a new license the best? I copies and pasted on several locations but some demos still say they the license is expired.
  3. Two demos OEAnalytics 31 and OEAnalytics 32 require me to log in. The uid/pw of Administrator/Darkness1 does not work. Do you know how to log in?
  4. I have a demo document of February 2016, is this the latest version?

Anybody know how to solve these issues?



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  • Hi Richard,

    Can you please share with us how the issues connected to your questions were solved?

    Thank you,


  • Sure.

    1. I think the issue was with my laptop because the next day everything worked fine without me doing or changing anything.

    2. The demos I could not start had to be upgraded to version 12 to use my new license. This can be done from within the LogiInfo Studio.

    3. The logins for these demos where shown at the bottom of the login box. Didn't wear my glasses, I think :)

    4. No answer on this but I can do my demos. Looking at the demos and the document I think it is the latest version. The reason I asked this question is that the lay-out is still with the orange spark.

  • Awesome, thanks Richard!