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Is trial version exist of OE Analytics 360?


Is trial version exist of OE Analytics 360?

  • Hi all,

    I am new to Open Edge Analytics 360 tool. I have few questions-

    1. From where should I get this tool? Is there any trial version exists? I am not seeing anywhere from where to download this product?

    2.I am really keen to learn , How to connect to other data sources and extract data from the tool and loaded into warehouse so that we could make reports or graphs or some business operations? 

    3. Do we need to set up Warehouse or it is predesigned in this tool?

    Please suggest. 

  • Hi,

    now that someone else ask the same question it suddenly hit me there can't really be a trial/evaluation version since this is more a solution than a product and it also include predefined database (warehouse, maybe staging) schema, reports, dashboards and KPI's (most likely per industry verticals) and those sort of things aren't just made available as trial version :(

    If you only want to get the tool(s) then check out Pentaho's data integration solution - Kettle and for reporting/analytics the solution seems to work with LogiAnalytics products.

    As for data connectivity Kettle have a number of jobs that lets you get data from database tables, insert/update/delete records and even call stored procedures... this is using JDBC so any database that provides such a drivel will work, the one that comes bundled with OE should work as well. If you need more that plain raw data access we do have a JDBC driver that let you access the business logic layer through the application server (currently working on a version that can do that using appsrv) that lets you call 4gl business logic that can return result set(s) back to the JDBC client using the stored procedure interface or define custom business views that looks like tables for the client only the data is prepared by 4g -

    The same is true for LogiAnalytics as their deployment product can work with JDBC, however the designer being a .net application can only work with odbc/ado/oledb but there are a number of other solutions that you can evaluate: Pentaho Reporting, Jasper Reports, Birt to only name a few.

    As for the last question even if the solution come with a predefined datawarehouse structure the mappings in ETL jobs still need to be updated/created to match your source database structure, probably extra transformation steps will also be required so I think it's save to say the ETL part will pretty much need to be redo for your specific data source(s)... however, having a predefined data warehouse database structure all reports/dashboards bundled in will work out of the box unless you need to have those adapted to your needs but can still be a big plus.

    Good luck.

    Marian Edu
  • OpenEdge Analytics 360 is a product bundle that is available from Progress.   There is no trial version, as this is a customized solution for each deployment, as each customer's data, data warehouse and reporting needs are unique.  I am happy to talk to you in more detail about it to better understand your needs and answer your questions.   Please call the PreSales Hotline (800-999-4599 x4900), and ask for me and we can coordinate, or email me directly.   In answer to your listed questions, it can connect to any data source and extract the data into the data warehouse.  In a typical deployment, there is a separate data warehouse set up, for a number of reasons (performance, conglomeration of data from multiple sources, etc).   We do provide a pre-built data warehouse architecture as part of the solution.  This highly speeds up the amount of time it takes to deploy.  Our team works with your organization to determine the best deployment architecture, so this is something we can discuss further.  

    Carole Miller

    Sr. Systems Engineer