In this hands-on workshop, you will use the recently released open source version of the JSDO library to integrate Pacific Application Server for OpenEdge with the Telerik Kendo UI in mobile/web hybrid apps. Using Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge (PDSOE), you will expose OpenEdge data as REST services using the new JSDO. You will implement sorting, filtering and paging with the backend data, and consume that data using Kendo UI controls and the Telerik Platform recently released OpenEdge Mobile Template.

You will need to have access to:

  • Install of OpenEdge 11.5.1 First, you will need to make sure that you have OE11.5 installed on your system with Service Pack 1.  This will install the developer version of the Pacific Application Server for OpenEdge (PASOE) automatically
  • Copy the Workshop files to the Desktop Please expand and copy the “Workshop files” folder to your Desktop
  • Google Chrome and Bookmarks Please install Google Chrome (available online) and import the bookmark files provided inside the “Workshop files” folder
  • Telerik Platform. Part 3 of this workshop requires use of the Telerik Platform. You will use your existing Telerik Platform account, or create a trial account here: 



  • Ricardo Perdigao, Solutions Architect
  • Edsel Garcia, Principal Software Engineer
  • Jean Munro, Senior Systems Engineer
  • Dan Mitchell, Principal Systems Engineer



  • Download Video Recording ( OpenEdge 11.5 )
  • Download Workshop Step-by-Step Guide
  • Download Workshop Sample Files

  • Video Recording for OpenEdge 11.6:

    • Introduction