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Webinar - Modernize Your Existing OpenEdge Applications with Kendo UI

Webinar - Modernize Your Existing OpenEdge Applications with Kendo UI


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*** For the latest version of the JSDO Library, please request to join the  JSDO Early Access Program by sending an email to:  early-software-admin@progress.com
The Early Access Program forum is great place to provide input/feedback as the library is being developed. The final/supported version of the library will be released later this year.

  • Hello Ricardo ,

    there is a possibility to share the presentation of this webinar for those who could not participate online ?

  • Hi Dttsa,

    By tomorrow (4/8) EOD, all the materials will be available here!

    Warm Regards,

    Ricardo Perdigao

  • Hi Ricardo,

    Just been browsing the 'examples' and noticed that the 'zip' does not include the Hierarchy example that was in your presentation (Customer and Orders). Is it possible to also provide that example.

    Many Thanks

  • Hi,

    thanks for a very good introduction to Kendo. I am currently evaluating Rollbase and wanted to test Kendo inside Rollbase. I used one of your samples (grid with CRUD) as a script component inside Rollbase and it worked just fine, except that I get one error message when the page loads: "TypeError: undefined is not an object". I am using Rollbase 3.2.0.

    It seems that jQuery version that comes with Rollbase (jQuery 1.7.1) is conflicting with jQuery of these samples. When I removed this line from the script:

    then the page loads without errors but then Edit/Update is not working (in edit mode the Update button does nothing).

    Do you have any idea how to fix this?

  • ...it seems the script part was removed from my previous post, it was the reference to jquery.min.js.

  • Hi solvieg,

    Please notice that the uploaded samples will be missing the kendo.data.jsdo.js library that I've used during the Webinar.  

    I am working on getting authorization to post that file on the public communities, but until I do:

    For you to have access to latest version of that library, I would ask you to send an email request to


    and ask to be added to the JSDO Early Access Program.

    I will update the files if I get authorization to upload a version of that file.

    Thanks in advance and Warm Regards,

    Ricardo Perdigao

  • Hi Marko Myllymäki,

    I am not sure what happened with you post. I haven't edited it ...

    Do you see any errors on the Browser Console when you remove the JQuery library and the edit stops working?   Does the Edit works outside Rollbase?

    Warm Regards,

    Ricardo Perdigao

  • Hi Ricardo,

    I am a member of the JSDO Early Access Program, but have not been on there for the last few days.

  • Hi solvieg,

    The samples (without the JSDO library) are uploaded here and the kendo.data.jsdo.js library can be downloaded on the Early Access Program page. I am working to post the JSDO library here ...

    To find the kendo.data.jsdo.js on the JSDO Early Access page, please go here (require that you are part of the JSDO Early Access Program):


    Warm Regards,

    Ricardo Perdigao

  • Hi Ricardo,

    Thanks for the samples. I have access the JSDO Early Access page and the last upload was on the 12th March (the Multi Table DataSet). I already have this and the routines use the jsdoTransport2.js file. In your Hierarchy sample, you are using kendo.data.jsdo.js. Would I assume these are the same! If not then I can definitely not see any additions since the 12th March...

    By the way, I'm looking in the Documents section

  • Hi solvieg,

    The jsdoTransport2.js should be a newer version of the kendo.data.jsdo.js library with a different name.  Could you try the samples I've provided with the jsdoTransport2.js file?

    PS: By tomorrow EOD I hope to be able to post the library I've used on this page ...

    Warm Regards,

    Ricardo Pedigao

  • HI Ricardo,

    Ok thanks, will try that and let you know. But based on the Resource and Table name I think it will work.. Anyway, shall let you know ;-))

  • Hi Ricardo,

    edit works ok outside Rollbase. Inside Rollbase, when I press Edit, Chrome console shows "Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function" from kendo.all.min.js and then Update button is not responding.

    I'm sure this issue will be sorted out in a future Rollbase/Kendo release. I just wanted to check if there is an easy way to make the combination work with current versions. Read-only Kendo grid seems to work just fine when removing reference to jquery.js.



  • Hi Marko,

    I don't know an easy solution for your issue.  I would try to find and use older versions of the Telerik Kendo UI Controls to check if they are compatible with the version of JQuery that Rollbase uses Today.  I would also post on a question on the Kendo UI Communities to see if anyone else faced a similar  issue and how did they resolve it  (www.telerik.com/.../kendo-ui).

    Thanks and warm Regards,

    Ricardo Perdigao