This page lists answers to Frequently Asked Questions related to OpenEdge Mobile, the JSDO and the JSDO integration with the Kendo UI DataSource.

How to use the new AuthenticationProvider class (JSDO 4.4) to login now that JSDOSession.login() has been deprecated?

The following post in the Forum provides an example on using the AuthenticationProvider:

Note that the preferred approach to create and authenticate a session is to use the getSession() stand-alone function:

How to enable JSON Filter Pattern (JFP) in a Business Entity?

The following article in the documentation describes the changes to a Business Entity to implement JFP:

How to solve HTTP 400 Bad Request when using Using a JFP expression in a web browser?

New versions of Tomcat are stricter in the processing of special characters in a URL.

For example, a request in the address bar with a query string using ?filter={"orderBy":"Name"} would result in HTTP 400 Bad Request.

The solution is to encode the special characters in the query string.

Example: ?filter=%7B%22orderBy%22:%22Name%22%7D


  • This issue is not seen when using the JSDO directly or with the Kendo UI DataSource because, internally, the QUERY string is encoded using encodeURIComponent().