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Settings service not saving


Settings service not saving

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I have created a Settings (REST settings) service to hold some global settings for my app (as described here: <>).  However, the parameters I define in the service don't seem to be getting saved.  If I log out and back in again, or just refresh the page (F5), I'm left with an empty service with no parameters.  Has anybody else experienced this?  Has anybody else used a settings service successfully?  Is there an option somewhere I should have turned on to enable it?


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  • Hey mate,

    Shouldn't be any issues with it. Is it still happening or did it come good? If it is still an issue, we can work through it with you.

    Please let me know.


  • Hi Molly,

    Thanks for the reply.  The same thing is still happening.  If I 'Copy Source Local' in PDSOE, I can open the service.js file and see the service is defined but has no properties:

     var GlobalSettings = {};

    Presumably, this is the reason any parameters I add disappear when I refresh the MAB.