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set focus to control


set focus to control

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I would just like to find out if there is a way to set focus to a control on page show?  

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  • I think you can just use the following where "Input_CustomerEmail" is your control name.


  • is Tiggzi the same as appery?

    i tried doing:


    I had no success with this.

  • I would say it is the same. It works for me but I use it in a function after the page is already shown. I am wondering if PageShow is too early to use it. It may be working but when PageShow completes it moves focus elsewhere.

  • I was doing it on page show. How would you run the code after the page is shown?

  • As a test I would just throw a button on the page and add a click event that would execute that JS.

  • ok thanks. will give that a try.

  • I am able to focus the control now using:


    I assumed that when I focus onto the next control the previous control would lose its focus but this has not been the case.

    so I tried:


    but that has still not helped. have you got any ideas on how to do this?