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No data after MAB update


No data after MAB update

  • I have had a working app for months. My latest IPA build was on 3/5/2014 and it works just fine on my iPhone. Since the MAB update I cannot get any data retrieved from the call to the server. I see this in the MAB as well as if I build a new IPA or APK. I know the server is receiving the request and building the response but no data is displayed in the app. 

    Is there anything else I need to do to get my apps working?

  • Hi Roger,

    We added a new Session Service to make connecting to an OE AppServer easier :-)

    This *should not* have negatively affected an existing project but it looks like it might have.

    Please log a high priority issue with tech support and we will take a look.



  • Okay, thanks.

  • Also, if you could share your project with me I can take a look and see if I wee something obvious.


  • Done

  • Has anything been learned about what is causing the problem?  I've just tried testing our production app in MAB and found that it's now behaving just as rblanchard described.  It requests data from the AppServer, the AppServer receives the request and replies, the JSDO success event fires and triggers the READ service, the READ success event fires and runs the JavaScript to copy the returned data into localStorage... but when inspected localStorage is blank.

    Users are not seeing the problem because the old copy of the app on their phones continues to work.  It is just when I test the app in MAB that I'm seeing this odd behaviour.

    I have a new app in development whose code matches the production app (up to the point of failure described above) and it is not experiencing the problem.  So it sounds like something small is just a bit off, but the trick is figuring it out.

  • PTS has provided a workaround that I am testing. I had to manually modify home.js and fix the responsemapping. FOr example,

    I had to change the following from

    'responseMapping': [{

               'PATH': ['ttblCashierInfo'],


    'responseMapping': [{

               'PATH': ['ttblCashierInfo','ttblCashierInfo'],

  • This problem is still under investigation. Could you please open a support case so we can make sure that your problem is the same one? Thanks!

  • Interesting... I have just compared the login.js from the old app that has stopped working with the login.js from the newer working app whose code matches the old app up to the point of failure... and found that the newer working app has a different responseMapping.  The changes are very close to the possible workaround that rblanchard described.

    If I copy those changes from the newer login.js into the old login.js the old app starts working.  Well to be truthful it logs in.  The next place where it tries to retrieve data from the AppServer it hangs again and I figure that is another place where the responseMapping needs to be updated.

    Maybe it's safe to say I am seeing the same problem as rblanchard.


  • I had to change in four places and now my app is working again.

  • I just finished changing all of the responseMapping lines in login.js of my older app and it now appears to be fully functional.  Thanks for your help rblanchard.  I will open a support call with Progress now to document that I seem to have hit the same problem as you with the MAB update.

  • The Progress defect number for this problem is PSC00293663.


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