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Updates to OE Mobile 11.0


Updates to OE Mobile 11.0

  • Changes In MAB 11 - External Libraries and Session Service.pdf

    The new release of OE Mobile is about to go live, and while we are busy fixing a few minor quirks, it's time to provide an update on some of the new features you can use with this release

    • New built-in service: Session service – simplifies connection to OpenEdge servers from JSDO (See attached doc for more details)
    • Progress mobile libraries listed on External libraries and updated automatically (See attached doc for more details)
    • Updated project templates using new Session service
    • jQuery Mobile version 1.3.2 upgrade
    • jQuery Mobile new/updated components
      • Panel
      • Popup
      • Carousel
    • PhoneGap version 3.0 upgrade
    • iOS 7 support (and iOS UI theme)
    • Opening editors in the app builder is now much faster
    • Expand-collapse support in data mapping UI
    • New UI themes: flat UI theme and UI theme based on Twitter Bootstrap
    • Simplified testing in the browser
    • Updates to collaboration – it will be possible to see who is currently editing the app
  • What's the support for third Party Phonegap/Cordova plugins? Will this be available for developers to try (I assume at their own risk, with little support)?


    PS. Have seen the Panel component and its brilliant! ;-)

  • You can add third-party components by dragging an HTML component onto the page and coding it. We are looking at making this much easier in the future. PhoneGap plugins can be added to the source but there are a lot of steps. Again we are looking to make this easier. If you want to do a white paper on either I can get you some assistance :-)


  • Thanks . The final thing I wanted for a project was the ability to add local noticiations (mainly on Android) to the notification bar. Not push notifications, but ones from the local app. If I get time to look at it again and work it out (have played with adding the local notification plugin (github.com/.../cordova-plugin-local-notifications) on appery.io and with their supports help got pretty close), would be happy to try and document the steps. Appery.io have the basic documentation (docs.appery.io/.../using-native-device-features-phonegap) but doing it with plugins from the wild seems to have more issues.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work.

  • FYI. With a lot of help, was able to get the plugin I wanted working on Android using our build, so Plugins definitely work (they are tricky, if like me, you don't quite know what your doing)! Will try to write up what worked as a bit of an idea on how to add other plugins.