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problem copying source local


problem copying source local

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when trying to copy source local from progress developer studio I get this error message:

 Illegal project ID/GUID was specified

Has anybody got an idea how I can fix this??

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  • Hi,

    This could be because of un-availability of specific application in the Mobile App Builder. Can you please check for respective application the cloud environment (Mobile App Builder).

    Thanks and Regards,

    Anil Kumar.

  • If you have recently deleted an app in the Mobile App Builder or a Mobile project in PDSOE, this may apply to you:

    You may see errors about the GUID if you delete a project and create a new one with the same name. For example, if you deleted the Mobile project in PDSOE, but the Mobile App part was not deleted in the Mobile App Builder, you will get a GUID error if you try to use the existing Mobile App Builder app with a new PDSOE project. The names are the same, but the GUIDs are different.

    If you did delete the old Mobile App Builder app, and then you immediately try to create a fresh PDSOE Mobile project with the same name, you may still get the GUID error. There seems to be a little lag time between when you delete the app in the browser and when it is completely gone from the system in the cloud. If you wait a while (maybe 15 minutes? -- not too sure how long is required) before creating the fresh PDSOE project, it may succeed.

  • Hi Roberta,

    Please log a bug. Maybe we can shorten the lag time.



  • PSC00290863 has been logged for this issue.

  • Hi Roberta

    I have deleted my project before and then recreated it with the same name but this was over a few days, not sure if this issue will relate to mine?



  • Meyrick,

    First a question:

    Why is "Copy Source Local"  is so important to you?  From your post, it sounds like it is stopping you development and it shouldn't be.

    My comments:

    Backend (Progress Developed Studio) and Fronted ( are married. There a few situations that will break that marriage:

    - Delete your project on the frontend ( and create a new one without also deleting and recreating the project backend (and frontend) from Progress Developer Studio. If you care about the marriage, you should never create a project directly on, you should do it the Progress Developer Studio (with your backend)

    - Restoring a backup on the front-end (or backend) without also restoring the matching backup in the backend (or frontend)

    I might be wrong here, but maybe you deleted the project on, re-created it with the same name, and now that marriage between your backend and frontend is broken.

    ** They only way I know to resolve it is:

    - Backup up your frontend on a Zip file in

    - Backup your Appserver code directory from your Workspace directory

    - Erase or rename both your backend and frontend

    - Create a new project in Progress Developer Studio and during the initial wizard say that you will be building it from a backup file (input the zip you created on the first step)

    - Restore your backend procedures to the proper location

    - Expose / Publish / Test the backend

    - Now you should have a backend that is married to the frontend again

    ** For help on the steps above, please look at a Word document I've sent you not too long ago showing how to properly restore my sample project.  The steps are the same with the only difference that you will be using your backups and not the ones from my sample.

  • It's hard to be sure exactly what happened after a few days have passed, but if the GUIDs of the PDSOE project and the Mobile App Builder project don't match now it's very possible that the problem was introduced in the process of deleting and recreating your project. Ricardo's post below should help you get back to a point where both sides of the project have the same GUID.