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XCode 5 support


XCode 5 support

  • Appery is going to release Xcode 5 support on Feb-11. Do you know when Openedge Mobile App builder will support it?

    Apple will be rejecting all Apps without xcode 5 from Feb-1.  Does it mean that If I create .ipa file using OpenEdge App Builder then it will be rejected by Apple?


  • We are currently testing an upgrade of OE Mobile and will include the iOS updates at that time. It is true that any ipa build today might not be accepted by Apple. You can still build and test on a device in the meantime. The newer version are required for your submission of your app to the Apple AppStore. If this is critical for you to do before we complete the support and testing, you will need to export your project as an iOS project and build it on your own MAC.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.


  • Do you have any ETA for new upgrade?

    Depending on ETA we can decide if we should wait for new release of OE mobile or try to build new project on MAC

  • I am unable to provide a firm date but can tell you that we are working on it as I speak and will make it available as soon as possible.


  • Shelley,

    Is it possible to post instructions on how to build new project on MAC? May be a KB article?

    That will be very helpful for people with no experience on MAC like me.  I went ahead and bought MAC book to compile the project from OE mobile.  But I have no clue as where to start.

    - Brady

  • Hello,

    I would like to give you some general suggestions to get you starter.

    Building a project from the Mobile App Builder using Xcode on a Mac is relatively easy.

    Setting up credentials, developer profiles, publishing to the App Store is a bit more involved.

    There are three main areas that you would need to learn:

    - Build a project from the Mobile App Builder in Xcode

    - Setup up a developer account in Xcode and run on iOS device

    - Use Application Loader to submit the app to the App Store

    The Appery Documentation walks you through exporting the app and running it from Xcode and also specifying the credentials and developer profile to run on an iOS device:


    I am including a simplified list of steps below that you can do without setting up the Apple developer account in Xcode.


    Building a project from the Mobile App Builder in Xcode

    To build on the Mac, you need to install Xcode. You can download Xcode either as a free download from the Mac App Store or from the developer Apple web site.

    Here are the general steps to build a project from the Mobile App Builder using Xcode:

    1) Use the Export as Xcode project from the Mobile App Builder to download the project.

    2) Unzip the zip file into your Developer folder.

    3) Open the Xcode project in Xcode.

    4) Build and Run the project from Xcode.

    These steps would run the app in the iOS Simulator. If you have added your Apple Developer account to Xcode and have the certificates imported, you can run the app on your iOS device.

    Here are some additional details since you mention that you are new to the Mac

    1) From the Mobile App Builder, export the project as an Xcode project. It downloads as a zip file. (Example: MyPhoneApp.zip)

    2) Unzip the zip file.

    Safari may automatically unzip this download. (There is a preference for this behavior.)

    If the file is not unzipped automatically, just double-click on it and its content will be extracted.

    You can work with this folder from the Downloads folder, however, most likely you would want to move the folder to a Developer folder on your home folder (use Finder). (Example: /Users/<username>/Developer/MyPhoneApp)

    3) Open the .xcodeproj file in Xcode.

    There are multiple ways that you can use to open the file:

    - Double-click on the .xcodeproj file from Finder

    - Using Open from Xcode

    - Finding the .xcodeproj using Spotlight (magnifying glass icon in the menu bar)

    - If you like command line, you can also use the open command from BASH using the Terminal app: open ~/Developer/MyPhoneApp/MyPhoneApp.xcodeproj

    4) Build and Run the project from Xcode. Xcode will launch the app in the iOS Simulator.

    Additional tips:

    - The HTML5 sources can be found under Resources/www (Example: ~/Developer/MyPhoneApp/MyPhoneApp/Resources/www)

    - When running an HTML-based app using the iOS Simulator or the on an iOS device connected to the Mac, you can use the Develop menu in Safari to connect the app and debug it. To enable the Develop menu, select Show Develop menu in menu bar in the Advanced tab in Safari->Preferences. The iOS Simulator or your device will then be listed the Develop menu. You would also need to enable Web Inspector in your iOS device.

    See the following link for additional information:



    Setting up a developer account in Xcode and running on an iOS device

    You can add your Apple Developer account to Xcode by using Xcode->Preferences from the menu then selecting Accounts.

    You can then connect your iOS device via USB to your MacBook and select Product-> Destination (or click on the device icon in the tool bar in the project window).

    Now when your Run the app, it will be installing and run from your iOS device.

    As a registered Apple developer, you can login to the Apple developer web site and access the videos from the WWDC 2013 conference. There you may find a video related to Xcode 5 and the App Store.


    Using Application Loader to submit the app to the App Store

    You would need to create a record for the app on iTunes Connect via web interface then you can build from Xcode your app using Product->Archive and then use Distribute from the Archives tab in the Organizer window (Window->Organizer).

    Here are some links with information on iTunes Connect and Application Loader:

    - developer.apple.com/.../About.html

    - itunesconnect.apple.com/.../UsingApplicationLoader.pdf

    Here are a couple of articles that I found via DuckDuckGo on submitting an iOS app to the App Store:

    - code.tutsplus.com/.../how-to-submit-an-ios-app-to-the-app-store--mobile-16812

    - techow.net/.../how-to-submit-ios-app-to-the-itunes-app-store

    I hope this helps.

  • This helps a lot.  

    Thank you, All efforts are appreciated.