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OEMobile performance issues in development


OEMobile performance issues in development

  • Anyone else having issues using OEMobile to the point its unusable? Frequently getting the "Down for maintenance message appearing"

  • strange one, but its all up and running now..... maybe those PUG people in Brussels had a workshop ;)

  • spoke to soon - - down again.....

  • "We are currently down for maintenance."

    Translated to "Its Friday afternoon in the UK time to go home"

  • Checking on this John. I know this wasn't scheduled.

  • It's just happened to me.  That's two working afternoons in a row now (Friday and today).

  • ... Back again, just a brief down this time.

  • generate IPA file after 10mins returns

    "We are currently down for maintenance."

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggg please can someone at Progress resolve this ? and yes I do have a call open since Friday with no answers as to why this is happening

  • now I cant access project.mobile.progress.com

  • Fyi, it should be working fine now. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Our vendor is looking into why the mechanism they have in place for detecting this situation, failed to provide the heads up on the problem. We are actively chasing after them for answers on that.


  • Thanks Fabrice/Peter and team - everything is happy again in OEMobile world.

    Although things have been frustrating for us (and others) over the last few days I understand Cloud development is new (for most of us) and expect a hiccup or two along the journey. The recent outage/performance problems has highlighted some failure in the alerting, which I'm confident Progress will put procedures in place to ensure it won’t happen again.