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Mobile project gone


Mobile project gone

  • Yesterday I worked all day on a mobile project creating a user interface, when suddenly in the evening the mobile app builder showed me a popup: "mobile app builder exadel.tiggzi... :403  enter username and password" (message was not exactly this, I only remember the port and username/password question).  When entering my username/password, the popup just reappeared.

    Today I Iog in to , and my entire project is gone. There is no application listed.

    I made an offline project backup yesterday before the popup appeared, BUT now the appbuilder does not let me create a project from it: "Unsupported file content. Please only upload Tiggzi project file."

    Anyone experienced something like this?

    I included my backup project file.

  • Hello,

    I was able able to see the issue by using your project:

    Unsupported file content. Please only upload Tiggzi project file

    However, I was not able to reproduce it with any of my projects either using and old backup or by creating a new backup.

    I am guessing that there may be a character set issue with one of the files. I took a quick look at the files in the zip file but nothing stood out (the xml file does say that it is using UTF-8 encoding).

    Could you report this isue to Customer Support?

    Customer Support should be able to reproduce this issue using the backup of your project and give it to the development team to analyze it.


  • Where can I report this? (I am completely new to Open Edge)

  • Hi there,

    Report to Tech Support here

    Thank you

  • mswank wrote:

    Hi there,

    Report to Tech Support here

    Thank you

    You can also access this from Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge unter the "Report a Technical Issue" menu -- you will need your serial number and other information, but once you enter it there, it will persist for next time.