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How to use existing mobile builder app with the developer?


How to use existing mobile builder app with the developer?

  • I made already a user interface with the mobile app builder. But I didn't create an Openedge mobile project in de developer.

    Now when I create a new Openedge mobile project, I cannot chose the same name as an existing mobile app in the cloud.

    If i create a mobile project with another name, a new empty user interface is created for my app in the cloud builder. When I delete this, and rename the old mobile app to the new name, there is no connection between the app in the cloud and the app in developer.

    Also in the developer: a new mobile project from a backup doesn't work because my backup is from the cloud builder, not from developer.

  • Some clarification:

    I made a test mobile application in de PDSOE to test some features, and make some test services etc.

    But meanwhile in the mobile app builder I made the user interface for the real project, under another name.

    Now I want to start my real project, so I have to create a new mobile project in the PDSOE, but ofcourse I'd like to use my user interface that i already made.

    How can I do this?

  • Hello,

    Currently, you can only associate a mobile app project to an OpenEdge project  in Progress Developer Studio by creating it. (You cannot associate an existing mobile app project.)

    A simple solution is to use the backup option in the toolbar in the Mobile App Builder.

    Then you can use the backup when creating the new project in Progress Developer Studio.

    I hope this helps.

  • Ok thank you. I tried this, but still got an empty project. But I took a new backup now and tried again to create a new project from backup, and now it's working. Thank you!

  • Ok so now i renamed my existing project in PSDOE developer, but apparently the name in the mobile app builder was not changed accordingly automatically.

    Now my project is not connected to the app in the mobile app builder. If I rename the project in the mobile app builder, it still cannot reach the cloud app files. "copy source local" gives "illegal project ID/GUID was specified".

    So i had the idea to backup everything in the PSDOE and create a new project from backup again, with the local files. But I get this error: org.eclipse.core.internal.resources.ResourceException: Resource '/DiasMobile/.mobileapps/DiasMobileApp' does not exist.

    So now i have to restart everything for the 5th time?

  • I even can't delete a project anymore from the mobile app cloud builder. "Alert - project cannot be deleted right now". Mind that this is not in the PSDOE developer but in the mobile app builder. So i cannot delete, nor create anything from backup.

  • We have a bug logged with Tiggzi regarding delete not really deleting, etc. Please call tech support and report your use case so they have a record of your issue.



  • You do not need to redo everything. Please follow these steps:

    1. Create a backup of your project in

    2. In PDSOE, do File->New->Mobile App

         - give it a unique name (not one used previously). The new name is required because of the delete issue in Tiggzi.

         - select create from backup and select backup file

    3. You will now have them linked again. The link uses a GUID and some magic to link the two projects. You cannot spoof that successfully.

    4. To remove the Mobile App that no longer has a matching project in PDSOE requires dropping into the file system under .mobileapps and deleting the files. Please do this carefully as to not delete any needed files.

    In the future we plan to support linking an existing Tiggzi project with PDSOE.