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Custom CSS

  • has anyone tried to add CSS  in their project? when i tried to add a CSS, i got a lot of errors even when the CSS was blank.

  • Hello,

    I tested this and notice the following error in the JavaScript console:

    - SyntaxError: Unexpected token '

    It looks like the error does not prevent the rest of the code to work.

    Please call technical support to report the issue.


  • Do you mean it is a bug? i.e. i can not add any CSS in the project.

  • My testing (with my test app) shows that you can add CSS files and the values in the CSS are used.

    The issue that I see is that there is an error message that should not occurred. (When I get some time, I would probably compare the HTML/JS/CSS file between the two version of the projects to see what is different.)


  • I contacted Tiggzi support and they have resolved the bug. Now i am able to add custom css in my project...

  • There was a bug in Tiggzi. it has been resolved now.