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Push Notifications in OE Mobile


Push Notifications in OE Mobile

  • How can i use Push notifications in my project?

  • You can set the app to receive push notifications on the App Settings page of the project.

    You also need a push notification service. Then from the AppServer you would need to call the push service.



  • Could you please provide an explanation / tutorial on how to create push services and how to use them to send and recieve using javascript on some event?

    i went through Tiggzi tutorial for sending and receiving push notifications but that was not helpful. i asked tiggzi support for this but they said that this feature is not currently included in the progress projects. is that so? if not, could you please give me an example so that i can understand the basics of using push notifications?

  • I wonder no one has tried it out..

  • Ankit, I think this can help you, it's a detailed explanation to use push notifications:


  • Thanks. i had gone through this tutorial earlier but this won't help us (OE mobile). the options described in the tutorial are available only to tiggzi users and not to us. there must be some other (javascript code or services) way to use that but i am not able to figure it out yet.

  • i would like to mention here that when i contacted tiggzi support, they said this is currently not possible in progress projects. what the hell!!!!!!

    i can not notify a user whether someone has made a request to him for something in notifications bar. hope new version has all these features which every basic mobile app needs.