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OEMobile Upgrades?


OEMobile Upgrades?

  • *** At the request of others I'm asking this on here as well as the PEG...

    I understand Tiggzi is having a major upgrade this morning fixing several issues along with support for the latest version phonegap. During this time you will not be able to access Tiggzi (soon to be called appery.io).

    Does anyone know how this affects OEMobile? Several of the fixes are something I've been waiting for and fully expected OEMobile to be down this morning. However as it isn't, can I assume we are running on a branched version of Tiggzi? If so, how and when do we get the upgrades?



  • Exadel puts out new releases of their Tiggzi product on a fairly regular basis, typically on a schedule of 6 weeks or so. That frequency does not leave them any time to first run the new release by Progress for testing, so, they test and release on Tiggzi.com, and deliver the new release to Progress for testing with our OE Mobile solution. Once Progress has completed that testing, the new release can then be put into production on mobile.progress.com.

    So in this example, Exadel just put out their 7.0 release. Progress is testing, and will have that same release put into production on mobile.progress.com as soon as the testing is completed.


  • Thanks Rob - please keep us in the loop and as much notice as possible for any downtime.

  • not sure how that last post got posted as Simon

  • Is the timefrime of rollout from Tiggzi 7.0 update to Progress mobile appbuilder in the order of hours, days, weeks, or...?  Just to know where I have to focus next, because I cannot continue developing with these "deleted code-but-still-present-in-the-background" bugs, I have to restart my whole project every 4 days or so because of this.

  • +100 for this. this is quite frustrating.

  • Rob,

    Any update on this release?

  • We are working with Exadel to get their 7.0 release published in the OE Mobile App Builder area as soon as possible. One small delay is that there is a week long holiday in the Ukraine where a large part of their devleopment is done, so that has slowed us somewhat.

    Going forward, we are looking at streamlining the upgrade process from Exadel- no SLA's established yet, but having to wait 3-4 weeks is not ideal- a week or two tops would be our goal.



  • a week or two tops would be our goal.


    Can we please get the same level of attention for the OpenEdge Ultra Controls?

  • The Infragistics Ultracontrols are a different discussion, in the sense that updates are tied to specific OpenEdge releases. Exadel is upgrading their mobile environment at a much more rapid pace, given that it is delivered as a service in the Cloud.

    OpenEdge unfortunately fell behind with the Infragistics releases over the last 12-18 months. However, our goal is to update the controls (if a newer version is available, which typically it is) whenever there is a new major (e.g. 11.0) or point release (e.g. 11.3) of OpenEdge. We are looking at the possibility of decoupling the Infragistics updates from the OpenEdge releases, but at this time we do not have the mechanisms in place to make that happen. As we've always stated, if your use case is that you need the latest version of the controls as soon as possible, it would be best to purchase them directly from Infragistics. If you can live with some lag (but not a large lag like we've just lived through and are correcting), then continue to get the controls from Progress.


  • "a week or two tops would be our goal."

  • Any update on the upgrade from Tiggzi to Appery rollout to Progress mobile builder?

  • Testing is close to complete. Some issues were discovered that are being patched before the release, to ensure the highest quality release. The target to upgrade is by the end of this week, but it is possible that it could go beyond that.

  • Thanks for the info Rob.

    Roger Blanchard

  • That is good news!  Will Phonegap 2.4.0 and jQuery Mobile 1.3.0 be included in the Progress release of Appery.io like it is included with Appery.io now?