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Regarding Installation OE


Regarding Installation OE

  • How do i install the OpenEdge 60-day trial version for linux ?

  • if you've downloaded it already, and have the registration codes, you can:

    extract the archive into a directory of your choice (doesn't matter which as long as you can find it)

    cd /tmp (I like to install from /tmp - can't install from same directory as extracted root dir)

    if you extracted into /home/myusername/oe112linux then launch the installer as such:


    I generally install into /usr/dlc112

    and do a symlink for /usr/dlc > /usr/dlc112. that way if you install multiple versions you just change the symlink and don't have to change DLC

    if you're new to Progress + Openedge, then just extract the archive file and launch proinst from the /tmp directory.

  • You cannot run OpenEdge Mobile on Linux (at least tooling).


  • Hello Arpita,

    On ESD(Download Center), you will see Documentation and Samples (both for Windows and Linux). This is a library that contains every information as pdf books. First download it and install. Then check the "Installation and configuration" pdf. You will find everything.



  • I extracted the archives ,it has a folder named 3party inside it and some

    files . I dont get how to install it using proinst ! Please can you be more

    elaborate !

    On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 3:49 AM, Rob Willoughby <

  • Hello,


    As Rob Willoughby mentioned, you need to run the proinst command.

    You need to run it by either using an absolute or a relative path to the command.

    Also, you need to have Java installed. You can download it from

    I hope this helps.