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How to import Tiggzi mobile app builder source files into the PDSOE


How to import Tiggzi mobile app builder source files into the PDSOE

  • In the PDSOE I deleted the files under "src", how do I get these back from the mobile app builder?

    src is a directory under "mobileprojectname"--MOBILE APPS-- "mobileappname"

    There is another directory, "bin" there, but it was already empty.

    I deleted the contents under "src" to be sure that the PDSOE updated the files from the cloud builder, and wasn't using some old files, as I experienced already in the past.

    When I right-click on "mobileappname", I have an option "copy source local" but this doesn't copy anything into the PDSOE. This normally updated the files in "src" in the past.

  • I could get the original files back with "undo delete source files" option.  But "copy source local" or running the app from within PDSOE does not synchronize or update the local files, so I am running always the same version of the app.

    This is getting extremely tiring, i will stop now and hope that the rollout for the new Tiggzi version will be rolled out also for Progress mobile builder by monday.

  • when i publish or clean my app in restmanager i.e. oe web server, the source code gets updated in the pdsoe from tiggzi. you can try that.

  • Hi W Co,

    There are couple of ways in PDSOE which will bring you the updated files (latest saved) from Mobile (Cloud) App builder.

    1) 'Copy Source Local' Operation available in Mobile App context menu options

    2) When associtate the same application to REST Manager (OE Webserver) in the Server's view

    3) Also, when you export the same application as 'Mobile Web Application' the sources are copied to local file system and a WAR file is generated in the given location.

    However, observe that after manually deleting files under 'src' directory one need to perform some changes in the Mobile App Builder and save them to get the Tiggzi files again into PDSOE (Through either of above options).

    >>There is another directory, "bin" there, but it was already empty.

    By default this folder will be empty in PDSOE. This is place holder for the mobile speicific artifacts ie., .ipa (iOS) and .apk (Android) and .zip (Web application) which gets generated upon invoking 'Export Local' operation in the context menu option and are based on the Projectc Properties settings ( Project Properties -> Progress OpenEdge -> Mobile App Builder).

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Anil Kumar.

  • The 3 methods that you described, do not bring the src files back. When I run the mobile app, I get a 404 error, so even when building the application the PSDOE is not checking the online mobile builder files. If I test in the mobile builder via the "test" button, it is working. But in the PSDOE i can do nothing... Appserver is running and working, restmanager is running and serving another mobile test-application just fine.

  • Hi W Co,

    When you remove src folder from Project Explorer view /MobileApps/  in PDSOE, you can not get the sources again until you do some changes  to Mobile App in Mobile App Builder. In order to get src folder again  into PDSOE just do small changes to mobile app so that mobile app go to  dirty state (un saved) and then save the changes in Mobile App Builder.  Now come to PDSOE and perform any of the steps mentioned by Anil, so  that you will get src folder with new sources again into your workspace.



  • Thank you, but this doesn't help. I am changing things all the time in the mobile app builder and saving and testing in the mobile app builder. But the PDSOE doesn't get the files from the mobile app builder, directory "src" remains empty. As a consequence, if i run the app from within the PDSOE, i get a 404 error. Republishing/cleaning/restarting the appserver of restmgr doesn't change anything.

    Before i deleted the files in the "src" folder, when i did "copy source local" , then i saw the PDSOE making connection to the mobile app builder and downloading the files. Now i see de PDSOE making connection, but it just stops without downloading anything.

  • Somebody got a solution for this problem? I'm experiencing the same problem and all the solutions mentioned in this thread don't work in my case.