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Notification on updates please !


Notification on updates please !

  • As much as I like to have the lastest OEMobile release, could some notice of any downtime be published first? Please......

    All i'm getting in a browser is a big phone saying

    We are currently down for maintenance.

  • John, there is a problem at Exadel.  We are not updating the version at this time.  Technical Support has contacted Exadel to try and find out what the problem is.


  • Thanks for the update Donna, causing a small amount of frustation here this afternoon.


    Not happy in europe.....

    We are currently down for maintenance.

  • I tried this (at 7am in Bedford, MA) and it seemed to be up and running.   Did you report the outage to Customer Support? 

    The best way to get a fast response on this is to contact Progress Customer Support who will notify the cloud operation team for

  • Sure did (case number 00255192)- OEMobile came back to life around 12 UK time, pretty much written off all morning for europe, but in time for the US

    We are not happy customers in europe, these updates *MUST* be done outside of 8am UK / 9am europe start time.

  • Scheduled Maintenance does try to work around US and Europe and is announced.   If there is an unannounced issue, it is probable 'unscheduled'.... i.e. an Exadel problem.  Progress should work with Exadel to minimize these, but failures occur when they occur :-(     I agree that a full morning is a long time to correct a problem like this.

  • Hi - I'm not sure of the setup between OEMobile and the Exadel servers, but having a "99.9%" availability is key to any cloud development environment. Unutilised development teams cost money, luckily today it effects only me from ABS, which I don’t mind working later tonight. However, I suspect with OEMobile and Rollbase both running a Cloud development environment Progress need to address this availability issue sooner rather than later.

    OEMobile is now up, running a fraction slow, but workable - just



  • Hi John,

    I understand your frustration. This maintenance was done in preparation for Exchange to increase the capacity of concurrent usage for the attendees and workshops. We had been told that the upgrade would take no more than 2 hours. While even two hours is less than desirable, we tried to do it as a time of least impact for Europe and the Americas. A notice was posted on the landing page of but if you stayed in the designer, it is not displayed there.

    Unfortunately as you experienced, the upgrade took much longer. We are still waiting for details on the delay and plan to provide better upgrade options in the future which do not involve a shutdown of the development environment. We are also looking into better ways to provide notification.

    Please accept our apologies for your loss of development time.


  • Hi Shelley,

    Thanks for taking the time to get intouch.

    If I can assist you in the notification procedure please let me know and yes, you are correct, I didnt see the notice on the landing page. I tend to run PDS, right click on my mobile project and click open. This take's me directly to the app, bypassing the landing page. I only visit the landing page when I need to create a new test app, backup/restore something to try or anything outside PDS.



  • Down again this morning!!