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Hi Guys

When creating a mobile app through telerik you can extract and deploy to a webserver, you can then access the app through chrome on your desktop. However when we do this and we deploy a new version, it appears you always have to clear your browsers cache before you can get the latest changes for the app to work correctly.

We cant expect users to clear cache every time for the app to work correctly. Is there a way to get rid of this caching issue?




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  • Hello,

    What type of issues are you seeing?

    Do you have any errors in the JavaScript Console?

    What appears to be cached? Files/HTML pages? Or perhaps, content in sessionStorage or localStorage?

    I took a quick look and the index.html does not seem to have any settings regarding caching.

    I updated index.html and reloading showed the changes.

    If you consider that it is a file caching issue, you could use meta options in the HTML page to indicate no-cache.

    Are you using an app created using the Progress Data Service template or an app created using the Views service?

    Depending on the logic, please notice that if you are at a detail tab, the code main not initialize the session to the backend. You may need to ensure that you are back to the Home page / tab so that the session is created correctly.

    I hope this helps.