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I'm trying to filter my DataSource with logic "and", and I have few conditions

my code is:

                        logic: "and",
                        filters: [
                             { field: "assignedTo14", operator: "==", value: ListOfKabats },
                             { field: "dueDate", operator: ">", value: FromDate },
                             { field: "dueDate", operator: "<", value: UntilDate }

and it doesn't work, it works for me when I do the first condition only, or the two others only- but not all the 3 conditions together.

Do you have any idea why?



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  • Hi Shira,

    Here is the link to an example what you are looking for:

    I tried to filter between two Oder Dates and Ship City from the above URL and it works fine. Here is the filter code from debug console:

    (OrderDate gt datetime'1996-07-04T00:00:00' and OrderDate lt datetime'1996-08-04T00:00:00' and ShipCity eq 'Graz')

    Hope this helps,