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Kendo scheduler widget support in jsdo


Kendo scheduler widget support in jsdo

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Are there any plans for the jsdo to support the Kendo scheduler widget?


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  • CORRECTED 2015-12-07: 

    The Kendo UI scheduler widget is not supported. See Progress Data Objects Reference > Using the JSDO dialect of the Kendo UI DataSource at for the complete list of supported Kendo UI widgets.

  • PLEASE NOTE: The post that said the Kendo UI Scheduler is supported was incorrect. I have corrected the original post and apologize for the confusion.

  • Hello,

    Support for the scheduler is in our backlog. However, we do not have a specific time frame for it.

    I am guessing that you could have a custom data source that implements the required data source (SchedulerDataSource) and wraps and uses the JSDO.

    How important is for you to have support for the JSDO to support this widget? If it is something that is critical, perhaps, you could contact your sales representative to increase the priority.


  • Any idea when jsdo will be supported for Scheduler. It's pretty critical for our application.

  • Guess, if it's that critical then you can follow Edsel recommendation and implement a scheduler data source as a wrapper to a regular one (jsdo)... this shouldn't be that hard to do, if you need help there might be others beside PSC that could step in, including us of course ;)

  • Can you give me some pointers where to start? Don't want to reinvent the wheel if it's been done by someone already.

  • Hello,

    Support for the Scheduler widget / SchedulerDataSource is our the backlog.

    If it is critical, you can contact you sales person so they can contact product management to increase the priority.

    Here are suggestions on how to implement your own scheduler data source.

    A simple way would be to create a and provide the data (via the data property or the data() method) to it by calling the JSDO directly to get the data (jsdo.getData()). Alternatively,  you can create a for the JSDO and use the Kendo API instead.

    Here are some simple examples using the JSDO and Kendo UI that would show you how use some of the APIs and create a data source via code:

    A more advanced approach to this would be to implement the transport methods: create, update, read and destroy.

    In the method implementation, you can code the access to the JSDO.

    Here is sample code showing how to implement the transport methods of the Scheduler DataSource:

    Here is an old example that shows how to implement the transport methods for CRUD with a Kendo UI DataSource which calls the JSDO:

    Please notice that this example was used prior to the integration between the JSDO and the Kendo UI DataSource and implementation of the CRUD transport methods is not needed now.

    I hope this helps.