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Rest Service - Records Locking


Rest Service - Records Locking

  • Hi,

    I have written a simple class code to update a field in table. Also defined a rest  service by define a resource and associated it with PUT verb. 

    I have deployed the rest service. 

    While testing in postman, the service executed successfully and updated the record. But the lock on record is not getting released.  

    Can someone help me resolve this issue.



  • Have you tried RELEASE buffer-name ?

    Or use a DO FOR buffer-name?

    I believe the class is run as a singleton so once it is instantiated it remains

  • Thanks for the inputs. The lock is getting released after execution.

    I have one more question.

    I have done some changes to the class w.r.t parameters and hence re-deployed the war file. But the rest call picks the old r-code.

    After manually trimming the agents of the restbroker thru command it picks the right r-code. how do we resolve this issue.  does this require a setup change for restbroker?

  • Hello,

    Is Progress Developer Studio publishing the class to the AppServer?

    With build automatically turned on, when you compile a class, Progress Developer Studio publishes the class and r-code to the AppServer based on the Publishing settings. By default, it uses a Publishing interval of 15 seconds.

    (I believe this trim the servers for you.)

    You can double-click on the AppServer item in the Servers view to access the configuration page and change the Publishing settings.

    If the REST call is still picking up the old r-code, it could be that the call is happening prior to the 15 seconds.

    I hope this helps.

  • What version of Progress Developer Studio are you using? And, are you using the traditional Appserver or the Pacific Appserver for OpenEdge?

    I am asking because I have seen similar behavior (and had the customer report it to engineering/support) on the first  version of the REST Adapter Appserver (OE 11.3) and the on current available PAS for OE version (OE 11.5 SP 1).

    All the best,

    Ricardo Perdigao