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Finally got credentials to Rollbase Mobile.. but


Finally got credentials to Rollbase Mobile.. but

  • Got this error...

    Failed to publish to all the servers.
    Could not publish to the server.
    Attempted to beginRule: F/AETFMobile/.mobileapps/AETFMobileApp, does not match outer scope rule: restbroker1 AppServer 11.5 at tdi8

    What would that mean?

  • Hello,

    The error message that you are getting comes from Progress Developer Studio which is based in Eclipse.

    The error indicates that a call to begin a scheduling rule failed.

    The log file for Progress Developer Studio would have a Java stack trace that can explain why this error happened.

    I am guessing that this issue could be related to the version of the AETFMobileApp included with Progress Developer Studio.

    Also, I wonder if it is because you are using the PASOE broker instead of restbroker1.

    Do you see this issue if you create your own Mobile project using the New Project Wizard?

    You can use the Express Mobile Project wizard to create a Business Entity, a Mobile Service and a Mobile App in the Mobile App Builder for a given database table.

    The video in the following webinar shows you how to create a Mobile Service from Progress Developer Studio:

    I hope this helps.

  • Octavio Hopefully Edsel's reply has reached you and has helped.  I am sending this because communities thinks that this is message does not have a reply.

  • indeed I was using app server's restbroker webspeed and OE web server, I'll do as the webinar... but... I have not the develop oepas... I'll doenload and install... Thenks

  • I can't install... It ask licence file, and only have for production server....

    Q.   How do I install develop server?

    A.   On openedge Explorer, created a new resource...   a Pacific Application Server

  • But... Where do I get the values needed?

    Like URL Ports, Directory and user?

  • I posted this as new question in: