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Telerik Platform (Rollbase Version: 3.2 Private Cloud)


Telerik Platform (Rollbase Version: 3.2 Private Cloud)

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I have just recently upgraded to Rollbase version 3.2 and I've noticed that the Mobile Application creation option has disappeared and now we are supposed to use Telerik Platform for developing mobile apps. I've started working on a trial account with Telerik Platform and was trying to use the REST API service for Rollbase to access my data. Any suggestions on how I can achieve this please?

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  • Just curious about something.   The title of you post says "Telerik Platform".   There is no link from Rollbase On-Premises installations to Telerik Platform.  

    The text of the post seems to ask a different question -- where is link to Rollbase Mobile.  I understand that you should contact Customer Support if your link to Rollbase Mobile has disappeared in the Rollbase for your mobile projects.

  • Sorry I just edited my question to ask what I wanted.

  • More formal integration, whitepapers, and examples are coming in the summer release of Rollbase, that enables connections to the JavaScript Data Object with Rollbase.   For now, you will want to simply have a Telerik Platform AppBuilder project and use the REST APIs on Rollbase to get and receive data.