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image in jsdo base64 string


image in jsdo base64 string

  • Nice! You can have images in blob fields in an openedge temptable, they convert to a base64 string in the jsdo and can be shown in the browse without first creating files on the disk. In js for example

    var image = new Image();
    image.src = "data:image/jpg;base64," + res[0].blb;

    // jpg, gif or png, res[0] is here the first record and blb the temptablefieldname

    It should be possible to handle audio and video in a comparable way.

    I can imagine a funny demo (and there are serious use cases of course). ;-)

    Kind regards,

    Stefan Houtzager

    Houtzager ICT consultancy & development

  • Hello Stefan,

    Thank you for sharing this tip.

    It is great that blob fields are converted to base64 strings. It certainly allows for many types of applications.

    Depending on requirements, when working with large files, it would be better to use a streaming protocol.

    I have not played with this but I think that it would be possible to server media from an OpenEdge backend and use HTTP Live Streaming.


  • Another useful one I think is the possiblity to put one or more prodatasets in json in a temptable blobfield and deserialize the base64 to json on the client. An initial read action could grab ui definitions, validations  etc., besides the initial page of data for the grid, and after that only pages of data.

     Maybe interesting for the dark room sessions (DRS) aka CSS (or CSC or CCS)? Please 50 euro's on my account for dumping this brilliant idea into the dark hole. 50 euro's not needed when you post a better idea. I'm not that bad. :-)