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What product I must license?


What product I must license?

  • Greetings you all...

    I'm really confused about the current states of poducts...

    More than a year or so, I aquired the mobile development platform, these days was a tigzzy product, or something like that.  Then they changed to Appery.io, but still the face I saw was OE builder.  Now that I have to  renew, I don't find 1) what product should I license and 2) who to talk to... (It's been dificult to find some one after the chage that progress made here, from direct offices to representations).

    I guess that all ended in Rollbase, but I haven't being able to understand the spirit of rollbase, (as all the demos and stuff, shown and demoed, are related to salesforce, which I don't use.)

    This is what I need:

    Create app to access the data in my oe server, thru appserver or whatever..

    I find there is "OopendEdge Mobile" , but also there is Rollbase...

    so, what are the differences (if there are diferences at all)

    I think I understand a little, rollbase has somehow a databse up there so you can store date over there.

    But I want to query the data that is on my corporate database...

    Any pointing to literature related, or some advide would be very appreciated.

    Jorge Olguin

  • I would suggest talking to your Progress SalesRep.

    Your confusion relates to the naming of Rollbase Mobile which was a rebranding of OpenEdge Mobile.   The product did not change --- the use case for JSDO was just expanded to include Rollbase and Progress needed a single name for a tool for building mobile apps that could access OpenEdge business entities, and/or could access Rollbase objects.  

    However the tool itself did not change other than the name (and other than normal evolution adding features for ALL mobile developers).   "Rollbase Mobile" is the same as "OpenEdge Mobile" -  it is  a tool/cloud-based platform for building mobile web and hybrid mobile apps.  

    Also, while "Rollbase" itself integrated with "Rollbase Mobile",  the two should be considered independently as far as an OpenEdge user is concerned.   (But if you look online and search for "Rollbase" you will get to the site that gives information on Rollbase, which is an alternate development environment for rapidly building multi-tenant web apps for hosted and on-premise deployment.   But if you have OpenEdge you don't need to worry about these aspects of Rollbase -- you just want "Rollbase Mobile")

    In summary:

    - "Rollbase Mobile" EQ "OpenEdge Mobile"

    - "Rollbase Mobile" NE "Rollbase"

    - Talk to your SalesRep, who can explain about "OpenEdge Mobile" and also about "Telerik Platform".

  • Thanks for such an elaborate and good answer....

    But ... now I think for my self (Dammit... I haven't catched at all about these two products, and then ol' good friend Bill  introduces another one... Tlerik Platform!!!)

    So I'm even more confused... well not at the point about rollbase mobile and rollbase, but ...

    We knew that there would be changes, after the purchase of Telerik, but now I wonder if I have to choose between these two platforms, what do I have to decide for a long term horizon... and stuff.

    On the other side, One of my problems is that there is no clear situation here in Mexico yet, as to who are the SalesReps, now that there are only representatives of Progress, and they haven't catched up to speed..... I have 5 days waiting for they figure out how to migrate my appserver to pacific server...

    In any case, thanks a lot for your answer... indeed it gives me confidence on the product I should license (well, it's current name, as i had it licensed some time ago).

  • Octavio, no one would be able to help you decide here... there is no such a thing as long term horizon anymore. Things are changing so quick that no wonder agile come in place.

    Still, the worst move is not to move at all so pick your flavor and go ahead with it, don't wait for the best solution, there will be always a new shiny thing that will catch you attention every year.

  • Doesn't it make sense that since Progress acquired Telerik that their move forward strategy for mobile would be the Telerik Platform? We have used OEMobile since PSC introduced it and we are planning on moving our mobile apps to the Telerik Platform ASAP.

  • Maybe you could start to take a look in documentation.progress.com/.../dvmad.pdf. Create a simple sample application for yourself. In progress developer studio you create a new project, type " mobile application" etc. Then use the JSDO for a simple webpage (or oData or whatever). You can find samples on communities. Later decide for frontend framework/components, depending on your needs.

  • Thanks all!!!!

    Indeed it has been nutitive all the info here..

    (Marian Edu said, move on... so this being sunday 2 pm, i guess I´m moving ;)

    Greeings you all!!!!

  • Too bad it is april 4th, and yet haven't got my access to Rollbase Mobile.

    I made payment in full last week, but still I don't have access for "rapidly building multi-tenant web apps for hosted and on-premise deployment".

    Hope that by april 6th, I'll find someone to find why haven't my order been processed.

    Sorry guys for disturbing you, but I have nobody else to cry to...

  • Hi Octavio,

    How did you order Rollbase Mobile? You either buy Rollbase or OpenEdge Mobile. Can you tell me which one your purchased? Once you clarify we can look at why you do not have your license?

  • Also the following will help:

    - what is the ProgressID you are using for this ? (I assume the same as your post but wanted to check)

    - is this a single user account or is it part of a larger subscription?

    - what specific steps are you doing that are failing? (Are you starting in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge? Are you going to the mobile website - and what URL? What is the failure message? )

    Thanks in Advance. Hopefully these answers will forestall too many back and forth emails.
  • Thanks.. Shelly (right?) and Bill.

    1) I ordered Openedge Mobile.

    2) I assume too, it's on my current ID.

    3) Is a single user account (custnum: 40009263)

    4) the way to enter is .... (I'll post tomorrow when return to office  -some 9 hrs from now- ) Don't remember


  • I go to the webpage, by >window>Preference>Progress OpenEdge>Mobile App Builder>Mobile App Builder Dashboard

    (appdesigner.rollbase.com/.../home) then there is only "Manage Subscription" as Apps otion, throws:

    We are sorry. It looks like you don't have
    permission to access this page.

    Also, from the PDSOE, when ask "New Mobile App" the wizard shows "Unauthorized Request"

    Thanks for your help.

  • April 10th....

    Still waiting for my order to be processed...

  • Hello Octavio,

    I am sorry for the issues.

    I will check to see who is the best person to assist you on this.

    I have a couple of questions in the meantime:

    - Have you contacted your sales person regarding this issue?

    - In a previous post you mentioned that payment had been done in full, however, in your previous post, you mentioned that you are waiting for the order to be processed. Could you clarify which order you are referring to?

    Thank you and regards.

  • I have just contacted our Customer Order Management team. I'm confident you'll hear from them soon. Cheers